Drop Extension is produced in virgin steel cut by CNC Laser, its thickness is 8mm, that is, one of the most reinforced on the market, With this drop you will be able to adjust your Beetle to the ideal height, that is, you will be able to lower and maintain comfort. The average drawdown is 7 centimeters for the axis. This product is a great outlet for those who want to lower the rear of their air cooled without losing comfort and safety.


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Kit contains:

Plates with Welded Bushings in the MIG process.

 04 M12 steel screws for connecting the machetes to the DROP.

 02 M12 steel screws for installing shock absorbers.

 06 Steel Nuts with Lock.

12 Stainless Steel Washers.

Price shipped to USA / Canada: USD 100

Price shipped to Europe: USD 90

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