Electric windows kit for vw bus kombi with lock and alarm

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Electric windows kit for vw bus kombi with lock and alarm

Compatible with all kombi/bus models and years 

Kit contains:

1 right-hand machine with electric motor

1 Left side machine with electric motor

1 Flameproof harness

1 Sensorized module (intelligent raising and lowering)

1 Double button ( Driver )

 1 Single button ( Passenger )

1 Pair of bezels for the buttons

1 Machine fixing kit

1 Electric lock kit for the 2 doors

 1 Alarm with anti-theft system

Features of the glass kit:

Electric window kit for cars with only 2 doors

Easy to install system with manual

Full raising and lowering of the windows with 1 touch of the buttons

 Allows the windows to be stopped at the height of your choice

 Intelligent raising and lowering module

Raises and lowers windows via alarm control

Anti-vacuum system (internal pressure relief)

Button timer for up to 1 minute

LED buttons

 Kit ready to install

Alarm features:

Turns the alarm on and off with a visual or visual and audible signal

Temporized engine locking system (anti-burglary)

Raises the windows via the alarm (in sensorized glass kits)

Automatic alarm reset

Auto-lock function

Panic or Locator function

Average control range - 30 meters

2 controls

Features of the electric lock:

Locks the doors 5 seconds after the ignition is switched on

Unlocks the doors when the car is turned off

Electric lock controlled by the driver and the alarm control

Price shipped to USA/Canada:  USD 280.00

Price shipped to Europe:  265.00 euros

Price shippped to UK: GBP  230.00 euros 

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