Mexican ratchet for bug beetle lowering

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Mexican ratchet for bug beetle lowering   Mexican ratchet for use on VW Beetles  1953-1996

Made in Brazil 

It fits both the pivot suspension and the clutch suspension.

It can be installed with the bolt pointing upwards, with adjustment inside the engine compartment, or installed upside down, for adjustment from the underside of the vehicle without the need to cut into the bodywork to adjust the height.


4 arms for attaching to the suspension frame;

4 internal bushes to contain the rotation of the frame;

2 lateral connecting rods

1 system with internal trapezoidal thread with rotation axis displacement to reduce the height adjustment pendulum;

1 adjustment screw with 4mm trapezoidal thread;

Through bolts and nuts, with partial threads for ratchet rotation on smooth diameters and not on thread fillets, in order to prevent relative backlash between the moving parts of the mechanism and the fasteners;

 Heat-treated adjusting nut;

Installation manual included.

Price shipped to USA / Canada: USD 270.00
Price shipped to Europe:  253.00 euros

Price shipped to UK:  GBP 218 .00


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