In 2006 the production of the kombi with water-cooled engine and flex engine (gasoline and ethanol) began. The solution found to replace the air-cooled engine came in the 1.4 engine derived from the Fox/Polo engine, used for export. The flex engine fit very well in the Kombi, improving its performance and consumption and still improving a little bit its stability because of the engine positioning, besides being more silent. A new front grille, equal to the one used in the Mexican model and different from the one used in the Diesel model in the 80s, marked the big esthetic change. A new instrument panel was also inserted, but without the water thermometer, instead there was only a spy-light to warn the engine overheating.

We can source buy and ship to your country parts & accessories for your Brazilian kombi/bus T2 water cooled after 2006 


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